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Last time, we provided the components to actually make the SEO helpers into a real application.

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Last time, we created a library of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helpers. This time we’ll see how to use them to actually fetch information about your webiste rankings (and your competitors’).

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In this post, we describe how to implement functions that help fetch information that can be used to study how well (or bad) the keywords are used on a given website in comparison with other (successful) competitors.

Update (June 25): some functions were modified to better fit the needs of the example application.

Update (June 27): the html code of Google links changes between the first page and the next ones. Hence the “old” code would only find links in the first page. The code has been modified to take this into account.

Update (June 28): shame on me, the google, bing and yahoo code for backlinks were buggy. Hopefully now that works !

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